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                    Hello and welcome !
I'm Evelyn, I live in Texas

Educating and entertaining is my thing.


over two years ago,  it became very difficult to balance out my fulltime job and my acting career so i took the plunge for it and  went full time with my acting career. 

Writing and storytelling come naturally for me, my creativity has no limits. Fluent in English and Spanish,

Single, Never been married

I like to invest in myself

Motivated to learn, grow and excel in the voice over industry .

- e learning/ children's e-learning 

- commercials- home food

-research on any topic 
- corporate narration

-Voice your podcast diologue




My services are not limited to Voice over

- helpful adviser

-intuitive critical thinker

as a hobby I like modeling

I'm street smart, 

i love to read history books writen by characters of all walks of life, some more creative than others :)   VP :)

I'm easy to talk to 

i would say cool, but i lean more towards the nerdy side?


Anything that gains trust

Alternative medicine i prefer over medical narration


Writing and storytelling


I do voices for animation

Motivated to learn, grow and excel in the voice over industry 

Whatever your needs or requirements are, I’m sure I can help.

My voice range:








A fixed sign i am    :)

I like talks about drones, weather modifications, world war 2, public schools, self improvement, Pythagoras, Macro and Micro, Kundalini, 

"Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life"

-Harvey Mackay

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True Talent
Wait, what IS talent? 

That's my Gigi by the way, My puppy, although not a puppy .How they grow....
And how they change,....
See, before the Corona Virus she was GIGI, next thing I know I was calling her GIGA

So, any given day she responds to GIGI or GIGA.

Head on over to the Audio page to get a sample and why not a few ideas on what i can help you create.